TK-60721 - Alex

BCS # R45 - EPC # 0362L  - 30MDG # 5602

Live DRM Pictures From TK-60721 in Moriani  / Corsica***** Bienvenu sur mon site DRM Live


DRM Pictures are uploaded automatically from 40m and 20m   Index Lab receiver connected to Antenna Dipole 10 to 80m

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This page was updated on 05-11-2011.
The Autoslant is turned off.


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SSTV Disclaimer: If a man decides to send a photo with nudity, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Hopefully this won't happen very often at all. The responsibility rests entirely at the station which transmits such picturesI am using Easypal Software

A particular thanks to Jim KC1CS and Vk4AES Erick for this java script

MMSSTV live pics when ON-AIR, auto-refresh when new picture uploads



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